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Are women born or made?

Are women born or made?

ANNE RUZYLO, a 52-year-old trade unionist, had been a member of the Labour Party for many years. But at a meeting in Cambridge on November 23rd she cut up her membership card before a cheering audience. The gathering, organised by a group called A Woman’s Place, was held to discuss government plans to amend the Gender Recognition Act to make it easier for people to change their gender. Ms Ruzylo worries that this may pose a risk to the safety of women. For voicing her fears, she says, she has been the victim of a smear campaign within the party and branded “transphobic”.

Hers is the latest skirmish in a war on the left about the rights of transgender people, who identify as a gender that is different from the sex of their birth. Linda Bellos, also at the Cambridge meeting, was recently disinvited from speaking to a student society after revealing that she planned to discuss the changes to the law. Helen Steel, another speaker, says she was harassed after defending the right of two women to distribute leaflets about the reforms…Continue reading

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