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More English children are being excluded from school

More English children are being excluded from school

They don’t need no thought control

IT GOT to the point, says Susan, where dropping her child off at primary school was “heart-wrenching”. She would go to work, knowing to expect a call asking her to return because of another problem. Eventually, she gave up her job, but it wasn’t enough to stop things deteriorating. When, during another row, her eight-year-old daughter asked a teacher, “Why don’t you just kill me?”, the school decided that exclusion was the only option. It said it could do no more to help.

Her daughter joined a growing cohort: according to the most recent official figures, there are 6,685 pupils in England who have been permanently excluded from school, a rise of 44% since 2012-13. Head teachers say that children are kicked out only as a last resort or because of dangerous behaviour, such as bringing a weapon to school. In such cases exclusions “are not an evil”, says Tom Bennett, a government adviser on school behaviour….Continue reading

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